More of Singapore: Indian Rojak

Let me introduce this unique Singaporean food that we affectionately named "Indian Rojak". In Melayu, the word "Rojak" means a mixture of everything. This quality has often been identified with being Singaporean as we are proud of our "Rojak" multi-ethnic culture.

Foodwise, there are a number of different Rojaks from each ethnic group. A Rojak is simply a salad of fruits or fritters. Malay Rojak is a combination of cut fruits such as pineapples, fried beancurd, You Tiao/Dough Fritters (refer to my previous post), cucumbers, blanched beansprouts and ginger flower bud all mixed in a bowl with shrimp paste, sugar, lime juice and ground peanuts. Of course, you can request for the spicy version.. just ask for chilli paste!

The Indian Rojak (as featured in this post) is a different story. When you approach a stall selling Indian Rojak, you can pick the type of fritter that you want.. it ranges from hard-boiled egg coated in flour and deep fried, fritters with prawns, onions, potatoes, etc. You get the idea. It's a lovely mix of everything fried. Then your nice Indian hawker will heat up your fritters, cut them up and serve them with chopped onions, green chillies and a bowl of chilli sauce for dipping (which is kind of sweet).

Last but not least we have the Chinese Rojak, it is known as "Ngoh Hiang" (Five spices). The name is derived from a sausage roll that uses the Five-Spice Powder for seasoning. It is more similar to the Indian Rojak as you can pick the type of fritter or sausages that you want and everything is served with a dipping sauce (chilli of course!).

Of all the different Rojaks in Singapore, the most common is Malay Rojak (or simply known as Rojak). It does not require too much stall space for storage of ingredients and it is easily prepared as minimal cooking is required.

If you want to know more about Rojak in other Southeast asian countries, read this Wiki article.

What more can I tell you about our uniquely Rojak culture except to invite you over and try out the dishes yourself!

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