Saturdays off?

DREAM ON unless your Head Chef is feeling extremely generous. No chefs (or cooks) get Saturdays off. Saturday is the "holy" day in F&B business. For you ordinary folks out there, let me remind you that we chefs work on days that you go out and enjoy yourself!

So have you ever wondered if Chefs have any social life? Answer: Yes. We could be the most sociable persons around. We have high EQ as we have to learn how to work with more than a dozen people on a more-than-eight-hour working day without someone ending up as the plat du jour. Still in doubt about our social adaptability after watching your latest episode of Hell's Kitchen, let me assure you that we can't serve human meat due to health and safety laws.

How do we cope without having Saturdays off? First option (I believe most of the "normal" chefs adopt this): Pray that Head Chef puts us on a early shift or Sunday late shift else skip the boozing session till winter time (when there's less customers). Second option (for the young and party animal chefs): Head tothe nearest party destination as soon as we get news of it regardless of how late the shift ends. This means, the chef is terribly knackered the next day and that explains the burnt or bland dishes on Sundays... just kidding. Last option? Get married!

Oh.. chef work is so much fun I tell ya!

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