Seasonal Delights: Cherries Galore!

Oh tis the season for Cherries... la la la la! If you are a lover of Cherries or Sweet Cherries to be exact, you will be in heaven here! There are Cherries for breakfast, Cherries for desserts, Cherries on the trees and Cherries occupying every single shelf in the Fridge! It's just amazing how much Cherries are growing on each tree. And not to mention all these Cherries in this flat are from just one tree growing in our garden. Fantastic hur?

For those that are interested, there is a differentiation of Cherries in Croatia. The sweet or the sour cherries. The Sweet Cherries are known as Trešnja and the Sour ones are Višnja. And not forgetting that Maraschino originates from Croatia (Maraska region in Zadar) itself. Read my previous post if you missed it. The Croatian variety is closely related to the dark Morello cherries which are known for their tartness.

So it's no rocket science to figure out what we can do with so much cherries. We simply put them in our mouths, wrapped them in puff pastry to make a strudel and of course a Cherry Cake. And not to mention, the Cherry Soup. It is a typical cold summer soup for this region. So if you wish to try it, here's a nice recipe for you. Minimal cooking is required so have fun cooking it!

For those health conscious individuals out there, read this post about Cherry being the next Superfruit!

Now, I'm going to gobble up the rest of the Cherry Cake.

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