Seasonal Delights: Elderflower

Preparing Elderflowers for my syrup.

This is a new section of mine that I hope to introduce some of the seasonal favourites to my dear readers. All these are pretty new to me as we do not have seasons in Singapore. Pretty much everything we have in the supermarket is available all year round. If the peaches are not in season in China, we import them from the southern hemisphere, Australia. No fruits or vegetables are impossible to find. Now, with the need to accustom to seasons and seasonal fruits, I found BBC Food website to be my first source for extracting useful information about what's best for the season or month.

Anyway, I would like to introduce to you the underrated Elderflowers. They might still be seen growing in bushes but not as abundant as the previous month. It was our first time hunting for Elderflowers (or Bazga) in Croatia and with Tata's help we managed to identify the right bushes to find our flowers. I recall the delicate Elderflowers as a wonderful English favourite back in my days in London. Elderflower cordials are abundant and enjoyed in desserts or simply with sparkling water. One of my favourite desserts in my restaurant was Champagne, Elderflower and Summer Fruits Jelly. You can imagine the lovely combination of Elderflower and Champagne in a tiny jelly!

Elderflower bush.

Over here, there seems to be a low interest for these Flowers. We have heard that the older generation has a recipe for brewing a magical Elderflower Syrup. But I went on to try my internet recipe. The result wasn't as good and I wonder if it was the Flowers (as they were exposed to constant pollution from the cars) or simply my mistake? Do appreciate if someone has a recommendation for an Elderflower Cordial for me! Thanks in advance!

Ah well, I've tried and I'll learn from my next batch of syrup. Time to hunt for more Bazga. Till then, have fun and try your own if you chance upon a bush of sweet smelling Elderflowers! Or for those who still have no clue of what it is, here is wikipedia to help you out!

Some useful links about Elderflower Syrup for your reading pleasure.


Judy Sheldon-Walker said...

Sher, I have an award for you on my blog. Congrats. You certainly deserve it!

Jasmine Shanea said...

hey Sher. sorry i've been alienating the blogosphere for a long time... hope all's well with you! :)