Food Fun: Mini Olive Tree

We were at a craft fair in Istria yesterday and Mr M captured one of the art pieces. The little olive tree was nestled in a pot made using typical Istrian method (achieved by stacking stones to make a structure).

It looked really cute but I think the tree will grow out of the pot pretty soon (it's a tree,yeah!).

Speaking of Olive trees, it's a pretty common sight to see rows of them in this part of Croatia. Croatia has a long history of cultivating Olive trees for the fruits and the oil. A dear friend of mine living on island Hvar does her own every year. Not enough to sell commercially so I didn't really get a chance to buy it from her!

I'm not really an expert into Olive Oils but I have discovered the flavour differences in the Italian Olive Oils that my mum used to buy in Singapore and the Croatian varieties which are not available elsewhere in the world. How different? The Italian oil tends to remind me of oil (yeah stupid description but let me finish). Having a slight lemony aroma (for the lack of a better word) when it is heated. On the other hand, Croatian oil is very olivey (Ha.. I invented the word). It reminds me very much of the Olive fruits that the oil is extracted from. It is great for drizzling on salads such as Salad Nicoise (as it contains Olives) without having to add the fruits. Oh. I'm not really a fan of the Olive fruit. So I appreciate the absence of it in my food.

One short note to end this post, in MG, Olive Oil goes well with Chocolate and Sea Salt.


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