Tis the season to have BBQ!

Yay! It's officially summer. Why? I thought Summer begun in June? Nope, the weather here was pretty dreadful with occasional showers and grey clouds that refused to go away till last weekend. So we were all pretty happy to plan a gathering. And of course it involved BBQ!

For those that are interested, BBQ is known as Roštilj here. And supermarkets have no lack of packaged marinated meat. To feed the 17 hungry mouths, kilos of meat were purchased. It included pork, chicken and čevapčići. There were also loaves of breads to fill up whatever empty spaces left in our bellies. Not forgetting the bottles of drinks to go along with the food. Yum!

Do you like BBQ and grilled food? Here is a nice site for BBQ basics from BBC Food if you want to get started.

As mentioned in the site, do remember to cook your food thoroughly (especially sausages). Avoid cross contamination of your raw and cooked meats. Have a nice summer and enjoy the BBQ!


C K said...

hate barbecues as I would always end up being the person grilling and not eating. Well, it's another thing if someone was to do it for me... :p

SheR. said...

Oh my.. I'm always not the one grilling..:P Hahah..