Yoohoo... Where are you?

This post is inspired by Lady Iron Chef! Calling all my old and new readers.. and of course whoever to chance upon this blog. I haven't seen you around? Where have all the comments gone? Please do not be shy and leave me a comment to encourage me to bring more informative posts to you. I love to see you here again. Introduce yourself! Come on.. ;)

Here's my little profile:
I am Sherene. Or most call me SheR. I am currently living in Croatia, Rijeka (the third largest city in Croatia). London was once my home for some 3 odd years. And it was the town that gave me my dreams, inspirations, hope and love. I was a baker, chef and patissiere. Now, I'm taking another break before heading home to Singapore for a Pastry position. Over the past 3 years (coming September), this blog has followed my ups and downs in Chef-hood. If you asked me what job would I love to do for the rest of my life, I would say Pastry. The plating of beautiful desserts with endless possibilities of creating new combinations and textures is the most rewarding!!


Syari said...

hey there sher, still alive and kicking here. I do read your blog through google reader. :)

Anonymous said...

Y2 here.
I was brought to here today for a very first time. Yes, i'm singaporean.

Your blog is really NICE! I
d like to learn baking. I only know how to bake during secondary days and that was the first and last time.

SheR. said...

Thanks Syari.

SheR. said...

>>Y2! Hi and Welcome!
Thanks for the compliments. I will try my best to blog more!

Do come back more often!

Tina's Kitchen said...

Did I read your post wrongly? You said you going back to SG?

SheR. said...

Yes. Returning home next month! :)

Tina's Kitchen said...

Ah for your wedding? and then back to Croatia?

SheR. said...

Wedding, yes. And then Working in SG ;)