Inspired Confection: The last cake in Croatia

This is probably the last cake I'll bake here. So I decided to stick to Cheesecake which is our favourite. And since berries are still in season, we happily bought a punnet of fresh raspberries from the supermarket for this cake.

Don't be mistaken. The red coating on top is no glaze made from Gelatine. It is simply fresh raspberries cooked with sugar till thickened and poured on top of the baked cheesecake. It has the same tangy flavour without the jelly texture associated with gelatine-based glaze. And yes, the quickest solution for the lazy patissiere!

To be honest, I'm still having problems with the crust. One that is firm enough but doesn't set rock solid when chilled. Perhaps I'll stick to graham crackers in my next recipe.

And that marks the end of my post for this part of my journey. Ur Resident Chef will be blogging from sunny and hot Singapore next week! Ciao!


DineometerDeb said...

Hope you have a safe and easy journey to Singapore!

Send noodles ; )

Lotus Flower said...

I'd love to have a piece of that seductively looking cake.

And have a good and safe trip friend!


SheR. said...

Hm.. how do I send the noodles??? You can save the .jpg onto your desktop :P

>>Lotus Flower.
The cake was lovingly made for my love. He polished off the cake in no time!

Hot in SG!