Mum!!! My Oats are GREEN!!!

Have your cooked oats ever look like a science experiment or straight out from a witch's brew? The researchers at USDA’s Agricultural Research Service’s Wheat Quality Laboratory might have the answers.

Apparently, cooking oats and oat products in Hard Water will produce finished products with a greenish hue due to the presence of Baking Soda used as leavening agent in baked products.

So mummies, stop worrying now!


Singaporean in London said...

Use bottled water instead! Or at least filter the tapwater beforehand. I try to filter my water before using it to cook as the calcium deposit built up on my pots and pans is spoiling them.


Novice Writer said...

Hi Sher! Remember me?? How are you ??

Lotus Flower said...

Hi Sher,

I can not now live without oats. Now a days, its really instant oats for me every breakfast.

About the post, hard water is not harmful. It is called hard because it has high mineral content. That's what wikipedia says.

"The simplest way to determine the hardness of water is the lather/froth test: soap or toothpaste, when agitated, lathers easily in soft water but not in hard water."


SheR. said...

>> CK.
Oh well.. Bottled water doesn't come for cheap you know mate.

>>Novice Writer!!!
Where have you been???
I'm all right but have not been blogging as I'm relocating. Will resume when I'm settled down back home.

>>Lotus Flower!
I'm sure hard water is not harmful as I was drinking it for 3 years when I was in London. It's just not palatable.

Not sure about the mineral content and its effects on kidney patients though.

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