Ur Resident Chef and her plants

Probably the last post of this series as I will leave most of my plants here and those that are travelling with me are at a risk of being.. dead!

But I was really happy to see my first Chilli! Yeah! I'm not kidding you. One of the 20 seeds that I've tried to grow have bloomed into a big plant (relatively speaking) and gave me my first Chilli grown in Croatia! I wonder how many has seen a real Chilli here..? Anyway, I don't know how long this little darling will take to ripen (I have some 3 weeks to wait for my first fruit!) but the plant mom in me is real proud!

For those attempting to grow Chillies from seeds, do not be afraid to try! But one word of advice (after countless attempts of trying to grow Chilli plants), start the process as early as Spring so the plant will have ample time to grow in Summer before the cold hits it!

I won't know when the next post will be but I'll be glad to share my plant mom experience if you are interested to read. So see you back here again. Ciao!


Mold Testing Prince George\'s County, MD said...

Beautiful picture!

<3 Lindsay

EastCoastLife said...

Congrats!! :D

SheR. said...

Thanks everyone! :)

Lotus Flower said...

Hi Sher,

I love it. Yes, it's been awhile. Do I understand it that you are going on a trip?