The wonder Green Fingers and Courgette!

Look at this pale looking vegetable in the picture above? Well, it is a Courgette or Tikvice as we call in Croatian. Don't be afraid, it's not mutated. From the few wintry experience in Croatia, I've learnt that Courgettes do look pale in the colder months (instead of the familiar dark green) due to lack of sunlight. The other green vegetable by its side is the regular cucumber. What is most interesting about the Courgette? It is double or triple the size of usual Courgettes. Wonder why? Because these veggies are from Baka Karner's garden in Moravice.

The Karner family has its roots in Moravice. A real nice village in the mountains. Picture this, the railway tracks running through this quaint little village. The mountains in the background. Fresh natural spring water is available just right behind the house. It sure look like a page off a storybook!

Baka Karner has a small house and small patches of garden where she grows her veggies and flowers. How lovely it is to spend an afternoon with Baka and Deda who are both 88 years old. I wonder if the secret to their longevity is this place. The fresh air and the clean water, nothing could be better if one spends a few months in this place each year!

So now, Baka Karner has really green fingers too. Her plants are all real huge and delicious. I love to cook minestrone with them! Organic? I say the only label for the vegetables is LOVE!

Now I hope to spend my vacation here again real soon... some little village in the mountains of Gorski Kotar region called Moravice.

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