Oh my I forgot my camera cable!

Oh my dear dear readers and friends, I'm here in Singapore. For those who visit this blog for my latest adventures in Singapore but were disappointed to find a blog left with no new posts for a week, I sincerely apologise. I am back to blog but I do not have any pictures to accompany my posts as I have left my camera cable in Croatia?! Oh my... but don't worry. The new camera will be joining me in a few months' time. So I hope you don't mind the terribly boring old pictures on this blog and the lack of new ones.

And now we are back to regular blogging from Singapore.


C K said...

You're just back for a week? Come on, there are only what? 21 meals to be had. Got to slot in some tiny morsels in between to sample all the food back home. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Anonymous said...


Lotus Flower said...

HI Sher,

Hello and My Best to whatever you're busy with these days.