Speaking of Sate and Satay

After savouring the sweet Indonesian Sate, my inquisitive mind began to question where this simple yet delicious dish originates from. Thanks to Wikipedia, it has provided me with the answer. Satay has its origins in East Java, Indonesia. The trick of producing the satay lies in the marinating of the meat and the dipping sauce. The original Indonesian version is sweeter due to the Kecap Manis (Sweet Soy Sauce). The dipping sauce is primarily a mixture of chillies and peanuts. The spices used differ in each country and even in the different regions in Indonesia itself. The marinated meat is then threaded through skewers and grilled over charcoal flame.

You can read more about the various Sate or Satay in this Wikipedia article.

In Singapore, the Satay in Singapore differs according to the ethnicity. Typically, the Satay made by Malays has a pronounced taste of Galangal (a type of Ginger). The Satay dipping sauce has a much coarser texture due to the abundance of chopped peanuts in the sauce.

A simple dish that packs a mouthful of flavour. The Satay.

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