Yet another filler post!

Straight from the tree.. couldn't get any fresher than this!

Sorry for the absence. Been terribly busy catching up on family time. I'm back to work at the Japanese confectionery (my dear mates, you should know where by now!). And it'll be quite an experience as my boss exposes me to Japanese style confectionery.

For those who have not experience the Japanese standard of customer service and their keen interest in producing only quality products, let me introduce them to you in my post. I would not say customer service is deeply rooted in their culture but rather they are able to put themselves in their customers' shoes in ever aspect of their businesses. From the simple greetings to packinging of their products, they will never miss out any single detail that "makes their customers' lives better" when using the product!

So with this extreme attention to detail, Japanese chefs and cuisine are highly commended worldwide. No matter what they cook or bake, one is sure that it is definitely tasty and pleasing to the eye. Therefore, Japanese confectionery is well known for being real pretty to look at. Japanese cakes are usually light (emphasizing on sponges and especially Chiffon cakes) and simply filled with the freshest ingredients such as fresh berries and fresh cream.

Ur Resident Chef will be back to introduce more flavours and cuisines of Asia. Be back and stay tuned!

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