It's been a long time..

...Since I last blogged. With work and wedding preparation taking up most of my time, I spent the rest of my available waking hours with my family and friends. Now I understand why certain blogs are left stagnant for months without a single post.

Let me leave you here with a picture of our local limes (about 2cm in diameter) which is sometimes referred to as the calamansi so as not to be confused with the other limes that we have on the market. In one of my previous posts, I have mentioned the different types of lime and have promised to post a picture of the calamansi. So here it is, picture is captured in my aunt's garden.

Thanks for visiting. Continue to eat and stay healthy!


uncommon said...

"wedding preparation"


The sound of 2 billion male hearts shattering all around the world!

LOL, congratulations to the lucky fellow, medeario!


housewife9988 said...

just nice with the greeneries.. i love to see.. keep it up!..