Singapore Flavours: Wan Ton Noodles

Yes, I'm back for a quick post. Mr M has finally arrived in Singapore and he has been busy exploring Singapore food with me. Feeling real touristy in my homeland... We have snapped food pictures that maybe some of you might find interesting and try it out when you pop over to Singapore!

Here's the first which can be found in most food courts and hawker centres at a relatively cheap price.. the Wan Ton Noodles. Wan Tan or Wonton seems to have its origins in China. It refers to the meat dumplings wrapped in a pastry known as the Wan Tan skin. It's yellowish colour is derived from an additional ingredient unlike Pasta (from Egg Yolks) known as Alkaline (or Lye) Water. This also lends a flavour and texture not found other types of noodles.

These noodles are cooked in boiling water and then tossed in cold or iced water to prevent overcooking. The experienced cook is able to tell how long to cook those noodles so that they retain the springy texture. It is then lightly tossed in a sauce made up of soy sauce, vegetable oil or lard, chilli paste and even tomato ketchup. The recipe varies from stall to stall. A few pieces of Char Siew (sweet roasted pork) and Kailan vegetables (blanched) are added to complete the dish. Certain stalls throw in a few deep fried Wan Tan. Other simply serve a bowl of Wan Tan soup with your noodles. Personally, I love to add a few pieces of Green Chillies (preserved in Vinegar) to the noodles. Else simply enjoy this dish the way it is.

Hope you like this introduction and be back for more.

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C K said...

Just had this at Leicester Square yesterday. No one does this better (and cheaper too!) than the hawkers back home.