Why do we visit IKEA?

To buy cheap furniture? It's cool to be seen there? Nope. For us, the answer is SWEDISH MEATBALLS! These lovely balls made from beef and pork served with a creamy brown gravy and cranberry sauce are to die for no matter where we are in the world... from London to Singapore. IKEA's Swedish Meatballs answer the calling! Ooo hhooooo!!

So that brings me to ask.. why are these meatballs so delicious? What makes them so special? As usual, I started asking around.. and fortunately I got a very Swedish answer... apparently every Swedish woman has her own version of Meatballs recipe passed down from generations??! Unbelievable? I don't know. She did share her recipe with me after much bugging from me. (Unfortunately, I have not tried it out.) Let me share my recipe with you real soon.. I promise.

So are you Swedish? Do you have a secret Meatball recipe?

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