Losing direction? Back to Square one!

This post only purely from my observations and this industry. It should not serve as a guide of any sort.

I've seen a few businesses come and went recently (and even worked in one). Some had great potential but others were doomed to failure from the start. From what I observed, here are a few factors that sent perfectly healthy business to its grave: Management, Staff, Location and Products.

However, I reckon that once a business loses its direction or focus on what it really wishes to accomplish, it is slowly digging a hole for its own demise. The business owner needs to be focused on which target group of customers he wants to capture, what does he want to accomplish when he started the business and so on. I can't elaborate much as I'm still pretty inexperienced in this line. I welcome comments on this particular area!

Back to regular blogging from the Chef's office tomorrow. Take care and eat healthy!


Syari said...

Hiya Sher, how is life in sunny singapore?

SheR. said...

Hi Syari!
Still surviving. How's it in Hungary? Spring is arriving?

Syari said...

It's snowing here right now... :(