Notes from the Chef's Office: Challenge for the industry

Another week flew past without us noticing, It's Friday again. And while most contemplate where to party after their work, most Food and Beverage industry workers especially in the Restaurant business, will be slogging our weekends away. Before the weekend even started, we will be slaving to rush out the last minute orders for the food supplies to cater for the reservations and walk-in customers for the weekends. Just for those who have no idea of how the Industry operates, the rule states that there will be no deliveries for food supplies on weekends. So that translates to: If you do not place order for sufficient Seabass, your head chef or restaurant manager will give you a piece of his mind when a disappointed customer complains. However, the new and over-zealous might put an order for too many Salmon and he will also be put on the hot seat when the cost of food spoilage piles up.

Let's return to the topic to close the end of this week: The Biggest Challenge... for the Industry. What could it be? The Customers? The Stress? The Cooking? Nope. It's the ability of the manager to retain staff. In this Industry where the working hours are treacherous and mostly stressful, not many with whatever level of passion can last long. Most of the time, the owners of F&B businesses will face the problem of staff turnover. Staff leave for multitude of reasons: the inability to handle the stress, the boss or management is giving him/her problems at work or simply the staff was proposed a better salary elsewhere.

How much should the boss be paying the staff to retain them? Sometimes, monetary value of the job may not be the sole reason. Job satisfaction or the other staff working the company could be contributing factors too.

So I've learnt, there's more to running a business than just delivering the products. I welcome your comments on my post.

Ur Resident Chef signing off for the week. Eat well and stay healthy.

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