Writing from a chef's office

Oh well, that much I wish to do in the near future. Yeap, I've switched to a chef job again. Cooking is back on the menu. But I hope it doesn't stay as the main course. And appetiser or antipasti or entree... whatever you call it in your language.

New job is challenging and involves menu planning which I had prior experience in my previous hotel job. It is real fun brainstorming up new items to put on the menu especially for a small establishment like ours at the moment. But the tough part has to be costing. Yeah.. it's the most vital ingredient in the process. Without knowing how to do costing, a business can go bust pretty soon.

I hoping to continue my thought process by documenting my thoughts on this weblog and hope someone finds it useful somehow like how I learn the business process now.

Till the next page off the chef diary, eat well and stay healthy!


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Anonymous said...

Whats cooking? ;)


SheR. said...

Hi Anj.
Fresh from the oven: Cottage Pie!