Business Ethics?

Just had a terrible dinner at a local coffeeshop .. we called it a Kopitiam. Do not mistaken it for a cafe. It's simply a place where the locals hang around for meals and coffees less the sophistication of a cafe. Why do I say the meal was bad? Oh well, Ur Absentminded Resident Chef had forgotten that she had no cash left in her wallet when she ordered her food. So she told the stall owner to hold on to the plate of rice and ran off to a cash machine. Minutes later when she returned to pay for her food. She had happily settled down to enjoy her food only to discover the stall owner had gave her stale vegetables.

At this point, what would you do if you were me? Confront the stall owner and demand for a plate of (possibly) stale food or eat in silence.. picking those parts that weren't sour? Whatever the decision is, I had chose to suffer in silence and not to frequent the stall ever again. No matter what happened, shouldn't the stall owner possess a minimal level of business ethics in such circumstances? This is not the first incident in Singapore. We had encountered stall owners that tried to cheat us for a few cents more by attempting to forget our change or give us bigger portions than what we've ordered.

Business Ethics? What have happened to it? Why is there a decreasing level of morality practised in the Food and Beverages Industry?


Syari said...

Perhaps economy is still not too good for these small stall owners. Desperate times, means desperate measures. Even if it means burying business ethics.

You were too kind Sher to just be quiet. I thought I'm had a hard time with stupid store owners here. Immoral stupid business owners are everywhere.

Lotus Flower said...

Hi Sher,

It's lotusflower. How are you. It's been awhile and from what I gleaned from your blog, you are now based in Singapore. Are you?

There were so many things that happened to you. I know you got married there in Singapore, but didn't know you decided to stay, for awhile or for good?

And then I find out you are back to being a chef?

My two children are now working there in Singapore. A son and a daughter.

I plan to go to Singapore soon to visit them and hope we can meet up. Perhaps we can drop by your restaurant?

Best Regards Sher!

SheR. said...

Hi ladies,
Sorry I was a little too busy to reply. Will be back shortly.

Business Ethics seem to never have existed in some dictionaries. Be it in a thriving or ailing economy.

>>Lotus Flower.
Thanks for the note.

Drop me an email. We could arrange something.

Unfortunately I am not working in a restaurant.

Be back to blogging world.

C K said...

There was a new Kopitiam opening up at my place when I visit S'pore earlier this year. Yet another Kopitiam, less than two hundred metres from an existing one. There's only so much people can eat, isn't it? Business was so slow that the guy who served me (at around 2pm) was fumbling with his cooking. Am probably his first customer of the day.

Then again, that's no excuse for selling stale food. Glad to hear from you again, SheR!