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Here I go again. Another attempt at starting my Blogging momentum. And for my concerned mates, I am blogging .... still.

So let's start off with something rather.. French. Oh yeah.. my favourite cuisine. Sweet, Chocolatey, smooth and soft. When I ordered the cake with the lady at the counter, she was almost embarassed to confess that she couldn't pronounce the name of the pastry. As featured in the picture, this innocent looking chocolate cake...or dessert is name Praline Moelleux. In French, the "e" on the Praline is accented.

Praline is a like a reputable lady in the pastry world. A little dose is what it takes to lift the overall flavour of the dessert. Yet, it is so subtle to the palate. Praline is simply sugar coated nuts (Hazelnuts, Almonds or Pecans). Praline paste is usually a thick gooey hazelnut paste that is excellent with Chocolate tarts or truffles.

I've found a similar recipe to the one that I've eaten in the cafe. Have a go at this Chocolate Praline delice. It's a definite winner at any dinner party!

Be back another time. Eat well and Enjoy life!


Davon Jacobson, Md said...

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BK said...

This looks good. I will have problem pronouncing some English words already, not to mention French. Will have to memorize it for the time being.

SheR. said...

Welcome to my blog. Thanks for the encouragement.

No worries about pronouncing the name of the dessert. Not many Singaporeans can too and even if you said it correctly, you will still get a blank stare. :P

Robin said...

Thanks for liking my blog..

yes you are welcome to link me and review my post if u like.