Hey Lemon!

What's with the Sour Face? Cheer up it's a Friday.

Yes, finally back with another blog entry. Today we are on the topic of Lemons. What comes to your mind when you think of a Lemon. Sour? Lemonade? Lemon Tart? Or Air Freshener?

For those who did not realise, the humble yellow citrus fruit we fondly call the Lemon is one of the most useful fruits on earth. Wikipedia will tell you that Lemon is a small evergreen tree belonging to the Citrus family. The Citrus Family refers to sourish fruits like our dear Lemon to Orange. This Family is packed with power Vitamin C that is excellent to boost your immune system.

This fruit is native to Asia. India being the largest producer of Lemons (according to statistics on Wikipedia). The name Lemon is derived to a much older Persian name of Limun. However, no one is sure where the tree originates from.

This lovely tree can be seen in most Croatian gardens. Being evergreen, the tree can withstand the harshest winters in the mediterranean region. You can still see the pretty fruits dangling on the trees like christmas decorations. It is a lovely sight in winter especially when the cold reduces most trees in the temperate regions to bare sticks.

If you think Lemons taste pretty much the same, you will be surprised when you come across a Sicilian or Dalmatian Lemon. These Lemons are plumper and more orangey than the usual Lemons we see in the market. The taste of these southern Lemons are slightly less sourish.

Why do I say it is the most useful fruit? You see, not only can we use the Lemon Juice to make wonderful pastries and Lemonade. A slice or two of Lemon is great decoration for a glass of cocktail or makes a nice cup of tea refreshing. In Croatia, some caffee bars serve sparkling water and Cola with a slice of Lemon. The zest or rind of the Lemon Fruit which contains citrus oils is not only added to the rich New York Cheesecake, it can be used to make essential oils for aromatherapy purposes.

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In the supermarket aisles, we can find cleaning products that contain Lemon scent. Doing a quick google, you can get sites that teach you how to remove room odours using Lemons. Not forgetting Lemon juice itself has bleaching qualities too.

Here is a site with some handy lemon tips.

You can check out the Nutritional Value of Lemon here.
I bet the next time you look at the Lemon, it will never be the same again.


BK said...

I would never have thought that Lemon is native to Asia. I have always thought that Lemon is from the west. What I have often seen from young is lime as it is very often used in food and drink too. Interesting to know the fact that Lemon is not only evergreen but can even be seen in winter; kind of give me an idea that maybe our friends in the cold region can have a lemon tree if they have a big enough garden, then they could enjoy it even in winter.

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Stacy Dollar said...

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