Frankenfoods return with a vengence!

Franken-pears, anyone?

It's been a long silence since I last wrote about Genetically Modified Foods or Frankenfoods. What prompted me to ponder this morning was a slice of wholemeal bread. It would otherwise be gobbled down without questioning if not for my Mister's query about the weird texture of breads that we have nowadays.

So I began the usual process of questioning the source on Google till I chanced upon GMO Wheat. Reading with disgust how our consumers' voices are muffled by a few mighty GMO enterprises that could dictate the US laws. I may not be an American citizen but speaking as an outsider. In Singapore, where I'm currently residing, there are no laws to govern any sort of GMO labelling. See this link for more information about GMO foods that could already be on our plates! I do hope my voice as a global citizen could affect the decisions of many who read this article to let their voices be heard so GMO foods should be banish to way they belong.. the labs!

What is GMO? Science has reached a new frontier where we could alter the genes of almost anything so that we can "play God" and breed (or cultivate) only the best for our consumption. This sounds to me to be the equivalent of Hitler's idea of creating an Aryan race! How does it sound to take human genes and play with them the same way like our foods?

Many sources will tell you that we do not yet know the effects of GMO foods in our diet as we have not been consuming GMO foods long enough to tell. But an article that I found which I will post here suggested that we may already be suffering from the effects of these GE microorganisms!

Now I think I've said enough, it is up to you to make the decision. Hope you join us in this voice against GMO future!

Read and sign the petition to make a difference!


Lotus Flower said...

Hi Sher,

How has it been?

My best to you!

WW Recipes said...

You`re right...genetically "enhanced" food is absolutely retarded...I mean there`s so much to go around but NO...they need to have tests on animals, now food, next what?

Judy SheldonWalker said...

It is absolutely frightening. I remember when they tested cows on sawdust to see if they could survive and they milked them too. I don't want to eat OR drink saw dust!!