Baking with my pet kitten

I always thought I could never own a pet due to the nature of my work. The idea of having fur everywhere in the house especially near the kitchen is a no-no for me.

However when our eyes set on this beautiful kitten that we affectionately named Kuki (yes, our little cookie), we knew we could never part with him.

How do I ensure hygiene standards in my kitchen then? Well, it involves lots of cleaning. Sanitise surfaces, steam mopping and constant hoovering. Thank goodness, little Kuki is short-haired. So he sheds little fur. Another important step is to train him not to venture onto worktops. I know we had Kuki for a relatively short time... Less than three months but I will continue to maintain hygiene standards in my kitchen to prevent contamination.

To sharing my life with my Kuki.

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