The Ultimate Choc

I guess most of us are posed with the problem of leftover bananas on our kitchen counter. And so on the other day, Mr K decided to give a banana to make him a dessert. Well easy I would usually make banana cake or muffin. As you can see, it's all so boring after a while.

Therefore while the banana was screaming "Eat Me!" for a couple of days. I started to search the internet looking for inspiration to this banana problem (ok, it's a good problem). There is an abundance of banana cakes in the market. And I simply grown to dislike the overpowering banana flavour which is a result of too much flavouring. But I love chocolate. Simple banana-choco combination never fail to please me. Besides, what's not to like about Chocolate desserts?

If you do a quick search of banana brownies, you will find that most bakers have mashed up the banana and incorporated them into the brownies. However, I would love to give the banana a chance to be presented beautifully on the cake. Solution cut cross sections of them and placed on top of the batter.

The result? Simply soft banana pieces in every bite. The subtle fragrance of the  banana lends moisture to the brownies while baking. And of course the melt-in-your-mouth texture of the divine dark chocolate brownie. Therefore, I named this dessert - The Ultimate Choc (pronounced as "Shock" in French). Enjoy!

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