Deconstructing the Snickers Bar

The trend in Molecular Gastronomy in deconstructing classic recipes has finally gotten to me. Yes, I was craving for a Snickers bar. And yes, I am not spending another cent on store bought chocolate bars ever again. And yes, I was feeling too lazy to dip my brownies into chocolate ( although I really love everything coated with chocolate). So, I was inspired by the deconstruction of desserts. It presents classic desserts in a new way. Refreshing or catastrophically. And hence, my feeble attempt at one of my favourite chocolate bars.

I was trying to reconstruct the memories of eating a Snickers bar. The chocolate coating, the salty peanuts and the chewy marshmallow centre bring together the entire experience. Therefore, I recreated the marshmallows by simply whipping up a batch at home.  Not forgetting the peanuts, I opted for the sugar- coated version as I wish to introduce my favourite salted caramel sauce. Being a chocolate lover and bringing together the chocolate bar experience, I have thrown in several pieces of chocolate cake cubes. To top it all off, I drizzled in the hit chocolate sauce.

Verdict: what's not to like about a chocolatey, gooey mess of marshmallows and peanuts?

Sugar high.

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